US Coast Guard Recruitment Campaign (2012)

'This Is How I Serve'

This year,  Ascender  joined forces with the talented team at Washington, DC-based communications firm Penn Good & Associates to produce a series of :30-second commercials for the US Coast Guard.  The campaign targeted women and returning veterans--offering an peek into a typical day in the work  life of USCG civillian employee. See the full video campaign below:

Senior Producer / Director: Paul Grant
Producer : Tracey A. Grant
Director of Photography: Derek J. Allen
Second Camera: Sean Simmons
Hair/Make Up:  Christin Birkhead
Production Coordinator: Joshua A. Washington
Video Production & Animation: Ascender Communications, Inc.
Agency: Penngood, LLC
Client:  U.S. Coast Guard (Event Web Site)

Ascender was awarded a contract to design the web site and print advertising for City of Seat Pleasant new City Center Groundbreaking event in September 2012.   We were thrilled to serve. This historic and important event attracted nearly 3000 attendees and many more online viewers of the online video stream.


“A City of Excellence”

The City Center Project is a “Community of the Future”, an urban lifestyle in balance and harmony with the ecosystem that sustains life responsibly, organically and economically without sacrificing convenience.  This project will integrate innovative technology with creative architecture in urban environments to establish local self-reliance and security.  Yes, we are “Bringing Communities & Nature Together in Harmony.”

This development integrates innovative technology with creative architecture in urban environments to establish local self-reliance and security.  To that end, this development is an integrated, distributed, renewable, sustainable infrastructure and energy production project.  Enveloped within the project will be integrated photovoltaic (BIPV), micro turbine, combined cooling, heating & power (CCHP) buildings with geothermal micro turbine wind waste water and trash.


Ascender Wins 2012 Telly Award for 'Enlisted'

We are winners!

Our first museum video installation opened as a part of the Prince George's County African American Museum and Cultural Center's (PGAAMCC) 'Coming Home'  World War II exhibition in North Brentwood, Maryland in, May 2011.

The exhibition, 'Coming Home: How the African American Experience in World War II Shaped the Culture of Prince George's County' explains how the full integration of the U.S. armed services during the second world war actually opened the a new widnow of opportunity for many African Americans to seek and pay for, higher education and gain new professional skillsets. This was eventualy contribute to making P.G. County, Maryland the most affuent, predominately black county in the nation.

PGAAMCC 'Coming Home' World War II Exhibition (May 2011)
PGAAMCC 'Coming Home' World War II Exhibition (May 2011)

'Enlisted', our 16-minute featurette, profiled the stories six African American soldiers from the  Washington, DC metropolitan areas--including a World War II, Korean War,  and two Vietnam War veterans-- and their collective experiences in service to their country.Watch the trailer for the video above. We hope you like what you see!

The Gospel of Healing: Volume I: Black Churches Respond to HIV/AIDS

 ‘The Gospel of Healing: Volume I: Black Churches Respond to HIV/AIDS’ is an independent documentary film that profiles five outstanding models of faith-based HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services, that  target primarily African-American communities. It also features powerful commentary from renown pastors, theologians and HIV/AIDS advocates and educators, discussing stigma and discrimination, capacity building and the critical role of traditional black churches working to increasing access to quality health care.

Since it’s premiere in at the 2012 International AIDS Conference, the film has received national acclaim at invited screenings in more than 40 U.S. cities.  It has also earned the producers, the Hildrous Poindexter Community Spirit Award from the Association of Black Public Health Workers at the 2012 American Public Health Association (APHA) 2012 Annual Meeting.

SisterVote (Brand/ Logo)

CLIENT: SisterVote

ART DIRECTION: Ascender Communications, LLC


LIFE for Sickle Cell Foundation (Logo/Brand ID)

Making a Difference. One Life at a Time

CLIENT: Life for Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc.
DATE: Summer 2012

'The Gospel of Healing' Premiere at IAC | Thursday,July 26 2012

Ascender  premiered our first feature-length documentary film 'The Gospel of Healing: Volume I: Black Churches Respond to HIV/AIDS' at the 2012 International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC , July 26th, 2012, in the Global Village Screening Room.   This was the first time in 22 years that this conference will be held in the United States.  Nearly 200 people filled the screening room (which had actual seating for only 100) through out the film screening.

Unfortunately, many were turned away.

Almost six months later, we are still receiving requests the screen the film and host workshops around the country.  We are honored to have played a small part in such a significant event.


International Stigma Conference (2011- Present)

Client: CEAS / Howard University
Project: Organization and Conference Branding, Conference Poster Series (2010-2013)
Art Direction: Paul Grant

We have had the pleasure of working with a team of passionate doctors and advocates who founded a non-profit based at Howard University School of Medicine. Their mission is simple.  They want to eradicate all health-related stigma. Their goal is to create a Center for Study of Stigma, housed at the school.  It's  a worthy cause.  Their outreach began with HIV-related stigma then came the first conference wholly dedicated to looking at ways to eradicate stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

The Ascender team jumped at the chance to brand their new organization, Coalition for the Elimination for AIDS-related Stigma (CEAS) and their first annual conference, The International Stigma Conference, which takes place around World AIDS Day , at Howard University since 2011. Take a look at our work since then.