Client: CEAS / Howard University
Project: Organization and Conference Branding, Conference Poster Series (2010-2013)
Art Direction: Paul Grant

We have had the pleasure of working with a team of passionate doctors and advocates who founded a non-profit based at Howard University School of Medicine. Their mission is simple.  They want to eradicate all health-related stigma. Their goal is to create a Center for Study of Stigma, housed at the school.  It’s  a worthy cause.  Their outreach began with HIV-related stigma then came the first conference wholly dedicated to looking at ways to eradicate stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

The Ascender team jumped at the chance to brand their new organization, Coalition for the Elimination for AIDS-related Stigma (CEAS) and their first annual conference, The International Stigma Conference, which takes place around World AIDS Day , at Howard University since 2011. Take a look at our work since then.