We are winners!

Our first museum video installation opened as a part of the Prince George’s County African American Museum and Cultural Center’s (PGAAMCC) ‘Coming Home’  World War II exhibition in North Brentwood, Maryland in, May 2011.

The exhibition, ‘Coming Home: How the African American Experience in World War II Shaped the Culture of Prince George’s County’ explains how the full integration of the U.S. armed services during the second world war actually opened the a new widnow of opportunity for many African Americans to seek and pay for, higher education and gain new professional skillsets. This was eventualy contribute to making P.G. County, Maryland the most affuent, predominately black county in the nation.

PGAAMCC 'Coming Home' World War II Exhibition (May 2011)
PGAAMCC ‘Coming Home’ World War II Exhibition (May 2011)

‘Enlisted’, our 16-minute featurette, profiled the stories six African American soldiers from the  Washington, DC metropolitan areas–including a World War II, Korean War,  and two Vietnam War veterans– and their collective experiences in service to their country.Watch the trailer for the video above. We hope you like what you see!