Experience and never forget.

The Team


Animation + Design + Film & Video Production

Ascender Communications is a content marketing and multimedia communications company, based in Washington, DC.

Established in 2005, we produce award-winning creative content–that’s print, radio, television and new media content– for advertising and marketing campaigns, educational outreach, corporate events, museum and trade show exhibitions and broadcast television.



Let Us Tell Your Story.

Everybody’s got one. And we are here to help you tell it!

Our work enhances conversations.  Local. National. Even historical conversations. We strive to help you engage new audiences and reinvigorate existing audiences.

Whether it’s an animation, logo/branding design, audio and video production for mobile distribution or, maybe even a full-marketing campaign, our strikingly original content will make for an unforgettable and unique expression of any subject.  When your message is expressed in an unforgettably creative way– your brand, your product or service won’t be forgotten. Hence our motto: ‘Experience and Never Forget.’


For more information about how we can help you, call us: (202) 888-3594  or, reach us by e-mail: info@ascender-c.com